In the context of difficult market relations, all we often face the problem of property assessment. In many cases, for a man who has no background knowledge on this issue, to determine the value of the object is not possible. In some cases, the assessment procedure is a requirement for registration of a mortgage or a loan for business expansion. In these and other cases, the "Group of companies "Titul" is always ready to assist and perform expert assessment of your property efficiently and professionally.
Most often, the results of assessment activities are used in such cases:

  • Defining the investment value and attractiveness of the business;
  • Purchase, sale or lease of the property;
  • Calculation of investments in the assessed capital;
  • Elaboration of insurance contracts.
  • Full or partial termination of the activities of a business entity.
  • Calculation of the value of intangible assets and many others.

According to Ukrainian law, mandatory expert assessment is required in the following cases:

  • In the process of privatization and decentralization of economic entities;
  • During the shareholders' contributions, and entity founders in his funds;
  • During transactions, objects of which are the land;
  • When calculating the amount of coating damage in the insurance case;
  • In the field of state property rental agreements.

"The group of companies "Titul" conducts qualified assessment of all types of property. Any conclusions of our specialists are based on national and international standards, as well as professional analytical studies of the domestic market.


1. First step

You make a call or submit request online

2. Second step

At a convenient time for you, our expert promptly visits the object

3. Third step

We make an act of inspection, and sign a contract for the provision of services

4. Fourth step

We conduct an assessment and draw a report

5. Fifth step

You get a professional assessment report, and recommend us to your friends and partners

Terms of preparation of the report and the cost of our services depends on the object being evaluated, so please call for more detailed information: +38 (048) 700-74-74

Contacting us, you will be provided with the high level of competence of our employees and individual approach!


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