Our company provides following services:

1. Realtor services

  • sale-buying of real estate :
    • Sale and buying of apartments and rooms
    • Sale and buying of apartments in newbuilding
    • Sale and buying of out-of-town real estate
    • Sale of houses, land plots
    • Sale of foreign real estate
    • Sale and buying of commercial real estate
    • Exchange and settling in a new place of communal apartments
  • Rent:
    • Apartment rent
    • Commercial real estate
    • Rent of elite apartments

2. Assessment services

  • Assessment of real estate (apartments, cottages, houses, objects of commercial real estate)
  • Assessment of land plots
  • Assessment of business

3. Consulting and developers services

  • Selection of land plots for construction
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness of the land plot
  • Analysis of the best and most efficient use of land plot
  • Elaboration of ideas and concepts of investment project
  • Consulting on development of concepts for real estate deposit schemes, property liquidity, realization of various types of property
  • Elaboration of concepts for real estate
  • Consultation on conversion of non-residential premises to residential and vice versa
  • Elaboration and analysis of investment projects
  • Assistance in attraction of credit and investment funds
  • Search of investors
  • Legal support of project design and its coordination
  • Search of lessee and providing full complex of services on business organization

How do we work

  • 1. You contact our representative

  • 2. We pay a site visit to the object, inspect it and do photographic images

  • 3. Our assessment expert makes an assessment of your object

  • 4. Analytical division elaborates concept of object development

  • 5. Marketing division elaborates sales strategy

  • 6. We sell your property in a tight timeframe

If we are not sure that we sell your object,
we do not sign an exclusive!

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